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karta1About Transparency International  

 Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization, leading anti-corruption movement all over the globe. The Berlin-based Transparency International Secretariat coordinates anti-corruption activities in more than 100 countries through its national chapters. The chapters are independent local NGOs, free to choose their own polices and to raise funds for their activities. Transparency International is based on the principle that, as corruption is a country-specific phenomenon, local organizations can be much more efficient than any efforts taken or imposed from the outside.

About Transparency Azerbaijan

Transparency Azerbaijan was established in October, 2000 by representatives of civil society and academia; fully accredited as a national chapter in October, 2001, and re-accredited in August, 2006 and February, 2010. We work mainly in the areas of raising public awareness, researching into the reasons and forms of corruption in Azerbaijan, as well as ways to reduce this destructive social phenomenon. We also render legal aid to witnesses and victims of corruption and assist the Government in drafting policy and legislative acts.

Our Modus Operandi

Transparency International (TI) Azerbaijan is a non-partisan organization that does not support or work against interests of any single political power. We work for the benefit of the people of Azerbaijan. Our Vision is a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. Our Mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, courage, justice and democracy at all levels and across all sectors of society.

According to our core values and principles, attaining greater transparency and integrity requires a long-term commitment to change, which is possible with the awareness and support of multiple stakeholders and ultimately the society as a whole. TI Azerbaijan endeavors to maintain good working relations and cooperation ties with key stakeholders and targets, including with the government, the CSOs and general public of Azerbaijan in order to extend the impact of and obtain feedback on TI Azerbaijan work in fighting corruption.

The core principles governing our relations with the government are our values, namely transparency, accountability, integrity and justice among others. TI Azerbaijan’s modus operandi with the government is based on an impartial analysis of state policies and processes, constructive engagement of the government into anti-corruption work through monitoring its anti-corruption performance, designing recommendations tailored to address problems in specific spheres of public sector and advocating for positive changes.

TI Azerbaijan prepares recommendations to the government based on the expertise of CSO in various ways (networks and periodic meetings are established with NGOs) and inputs from key partners in order to evaluate and improve operations and strategies in the field. Roundtables by TI Azerbaijan are conducted as an opportunity for state agencies and the civil society experts to discuss the country’s stance on major corruption issues, to advocate for the reforms and to position TI Azerbaijan as the country’s foremost knowledge centre and strategic partner on fighting corruption and promoting transparency.

Transparency Azerbaijan board members

1.      Alimammad Nuriyev,  President of «Constitution» Research Fund; Coordinator of the Information and Collaboration Network of NGO’s on Combating against Corruption
2.      Vugar Askerov, Head of the Legal Department,  Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
3.      Jeyhun Atayev, Lead Manager on Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations, PASHA Bank
4.      Hafiz Hasanov,  Chairman of “Law and Development” Public Association
5.      Sevinc Samadzade, National coordinator, Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER)

Members of the Council of Founders under Transparency Azerbaijan board

1.      Fuad   Suleymanov, independent legal expert
2.      Sabit Bagirov , President of Economic Development Foundation
3.      Durdane Mammadova, Head of Constitutional and Legal Issues Department, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan
4.      Rena Safaraliyeva, Executive director of Transparency Azerbaijan



Our Contacts in Baku

Address: AZ1001, Baku, Jafar  Jabbarlı str.16, apt. 7
Tel: (+994 12) 497 81 70

Tel: (+994 12) 497 68 15

Tel: (+994 55) 291 00 02

Fax: (+994 12) 596 20 38
E-mail: info@transparency.az

Hot Line number — 088 707 07 07

Staff of Transparency Azerbaijan

Rena Safaralieva – Executive director of Transparency Azerbaijan
E-mail: rena@transparency.az

Elvin Yusifli – APT Project Director
E-mail: elvin@transparency.az

Zumrud Ismayilova –APT project Grants Manager, PR and Media Specialist
E-mail: zumrud@transparency.az

Azer Talybov – Senior Lawyer
E-mail: azer@transparency.az

Zamina Aliyeva — Admin/Finance Manager
E-mail: zamina@transparency.az

Natavan Hajıyeva – Senior Accountant
E-mail: natavan@transparency.az

Aytan Alizamanly– Junior Lawyer
E-mail: ayten@transparency.az

Mahammad Muradov,E-government Project Coordinator
E-mail: mahammad@transparency.az

Our Contacts in Ganja

Address: Ganja, H.Aliyev ave. 321/2,
Tel/fax: (+994 22) 256 40 42

Hot Line number — 088 202 02 02


Sevinj Suleymanli, Coordinator /Lawyer
E-mail: sevinj©transparency.az

Lala Abdullayeva, Project Assistant
E-mail: lala@transparency.az

Our contacts in Guba

Address: Guba ş., Fatalikhan str. 65,
Tel: (+994 233)  35 14 91
Fax: (+994 233) 35 18 37

Hot Line Number — 088 404 04 04


Eldar Karimov, ALAC Guba, Coordinator/Lawyer
E-mail: eldar@transparency.az

Imran Askerov, ALAC Guba, Project Assistant
E-mail: imran@transparency.az

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