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shekil 4The report on results of monitoring of the implementation of recommendations provided by Transparency Azerbaijan to four public agencies is presented. Recommendation packages were submitted to Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Bakielektrikshebeke JOSC, State Property Committee and Department of Registration and Notary of Ministry of Justice in last two years. Transparency Azerbaijan monitored the implementation of those recommendations.
Executive director of Transparency Azerbaijan Rena Safaraliyeva stated that TA conducted 12 rounds tables with various public institutions in 2010-2012 and 4 institutions in 2013. Report summarizes implementation of the recommendations provided by TA to the four public institutions providing basic services in the areas of civil registration, provision of utilities, rendering social assistance, and registration of property rights with a special focus on provision of electronic services, as per the respective decisions of the government that instructed central executives’ bodies within  their official internet information resources to ensure delivery of electronic services in competence with their powers. All recommendations provided by TA can be divided broadly into several major directions:

—       Enhancement of the legal framework;

—       Attending to institutional vulnerabilities, including management  of hotlines;

—       Provision of electronic services and organization of website;

—       Ensuring transparency and accountability of public institutions.

“A lot of work has been done in the past to provide for transparency and enhance management in public institutions, but a number of shortcomings in regard to coordination of the relations with non-governmental organizations, ensuring transparency and accountability and disclosure of financial reports still remain,” told Ms. Safaraliyeva.
Later, discussions were held with the participation of the representatives from state agencies, whose names were mentioned in the reports, and the civil society representatives

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