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Posted by: | Posted on: Февраль 22, 2023

«Transparency Azerbaijan» submitted proposals on the draft of Competition Code

«Transparency Azerbaijan» Fight Against Corruption PU appreciates the preparation of a new draft of the Competition Code and the start of discussions related to it, and calls for the adoption of the Code in 2023. The Competition Code should be a reliable legal basis for the implementation of the economic policy that eliminates the obstacles in the economic development, creating a favorable business environment and does not allow monopoly. «Transparency Azerbaijan» urges to study and take into account the proposals of NGOs and independent experts when adopting the Competition Code. This was stated in the statement of «Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption PU.

İn the statement from meeting of the Board of Directors of the «Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption PU in February 17, 2023, it is noted that «Transparency Azerbaijan» summarized and submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission the proposals made by the «Transparency Azerbaijan», other NGOs and experts until now. You can get acquainted with the proposals from this link.

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«Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption Public Union adopted Action Plan for 2023

On January 12, 2023 was held, a meeting of the Board of the «Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption Public Union, the national branch of the Transparency International. During the meeting Action Plan of «Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption Public Uninon for 2023 was adopted.

Executive Director of the Public Union, Alimammad Nuriyev, said that in new Action Plan adoption of the Competition Code, adoption of the Law «On Public Procurement», providing relevant suggestions and recommendations on implementation of the Action Plan for the «Strengthening the Fight Against Corruption» for 2022─2026”, improving the anti-corruption policy for state institutions, providing training support on ethical conduct rules, and analyzing the implementation of the anti-corruption policy were identified as current priorities.

«Transparency Azerbaijan» also discussed the publication of the Corruption Perception Index (2022 Corruption Perception Index) results for 2022. The executive director informed the members of the board about the Index. It was noted that detailed information about the Index should be prepared and the general public should be informed. The executive director should be ready to answer possible questions from the public and government agencies.

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“Transparency International” announces Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI 2021) for 2021

Transparency Azerbaijan, a national chapter of Transparency International in Azerbaijan, presents the Corruption Perceptions Index  2021 for 2021.


The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) prepared by Transparency International   ranks countries based on the degree of perception of corruption in the public sector. The Index is prepared on the basis of various surveys and assessments conducted by a number of influential international institutions.   The CPI is an assessment of perceptions of corruption in the public sector. Read More …

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The release of the Pandora Papers last Sunday has provided an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at the underworld of the offshore industry.

The Pandora Papers is a large-scale investigative project by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and media outlets in 117 countries. Journalists have analysed the documents leaked from 14 corporate service providers – all based in jurisdictions with high levels of financial secrecy.

The confidential documents reportedly show high-level officials, oligarchs and billionaires using shell companies to move wealth offshore and to anonymously buy real estate or luxury goods.

Globally, the Pandora Papers must create a new momentum for ending the decades-long abuse of corporate secrecy and pushing hesitant decision-makers into action. These investigations come at a time when the world is moving closer to a new global standard on corporate transparency. The Financial Action Task Force members should use this crucial opportunity to require public, central registers of company owners in all countries.

Simultaneously, national governments need to get their own affairs in order.

First, power players

Over 300 politicians from 90 countries – including 35 former or current government leaders – are alleged to have evaded scrutiny and shielded themselves with anonymity. Individuals who should be taking decisive steps for tackling the flows of dirty money have themselves been abusing the system’s opacity. In the months to come, they will have a lot of explaining to do – to the public and to the authorities.

For more information visit https://www.transparency.org/en/news/pandora-papers-10-countries-investigations-policy-reforms

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Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2019

KQI_19Transparency International’s National Chapter in Azerbaijan presents the TI Corruption Perceptions Index 2019.

The CPI 2019 ranks countries in terms of the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist in the public sector. The data for the Index is drawn from a range of surveys and assessments of corruption perception organized by influential international institutions. CPI measures perception of corruption in the public sector. The ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being very corrupt and 100 being very clean. In 2019 Azerbaijan was ranked 126th among 180 countries with the score of 30.

Year CPI score Global ranking   Number of countries surveyed
2019 30 126 180
2018 25 152 180
2017 31 122 180
2016 30 123 176
2015 29 119 168

Global ranking can be found  here — CPI-2019.

The data for CPI is drawn from 13 different sources. These sources measure a number of political, economic and social indicators that can influence efficiency of anti-corruption policies of a country.  The data for Azerbaijan is drawn from 7 different sources. Full list of sources is given in Questions and Answers section.

Transparency Azerbaijan calls the government to  take measures to broaden the scope of reforms in the sphere of democratic governance and rule of law; to conduct more effective anti-corruption policies in the sectors with high corruption risks, to create enabling environment for the civil society; to improve accountability of public agencies and state enterprises, as well as responsibility of state enterprises that render public services.  CPI2019_Report_EN [PRINT] Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Eastern Europe & Central Asia CPI-19