Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov, Minister of Internal Affairs, has received a delegation led by Dunja Mijatovic, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights who visited Azerbaijan

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As the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) informed, the Minister welcomed the guests and recalled that the discussions on the measures aimed at protecting human rights and freedoms, improving efficiency of the activities in this field and improvement of the institutional mechanisms held during the meetings with Ms. D. Mijatovic in her previous visits to our country, as the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, were very useful.

The Minister of Internal Affairs who noted that the work in the field of increasing professionalism and vision, application of the international experience is carried out purposefully and systematically also stated that the employees of internal affairs bodies are being sent for the training to the various countries, including the United States of America and European countries, and with seminars, training sessions, and courses are being organized in our country with participation of the experienced international experts. About 3 000 employees of the MIA participated at the human rights events held in our country and abroad in the last 5 years

The guest was informed that e-services are being provided to the population in 28 directions in order to eliminate cases causing corruption offenses, as well as to minimize official-citizen relations.

V.Eyvazov said that the activity of the Ministry’s 102 Call Center and the Safe City service was based on the high principle as a human factor, and other hot lines («902» and «1002») created at MIA, email accounts of the different structural units serve for prompt addressing the appeals made to the Appeal Council, which deals with the complaints of entrepreneurs, and taking immediate actions against unlawful acts from which the citizens suffered.

The Commissioner of the Council of Europe was also informed that the appeals on violations of human and civil rights and freedoms reported by the police officers are promptly and objectively investigated by the relevant office of the Ministry, and the outcomes are reported and the appropriate measures are being taken. 2040 employees have been disciplined during the past 5 years and in the first half of the current year due to the ill treatment of citizens, various offenses, shortly, for violation of the civil rights. Torture or ill-treatment of detained or arrested persons has not been recorded. During this period, 1318 monitoring visits by the international and local human rights organizations in the Temporary Detention Facilities (TDF) of the territorial police authorities took place. All of them have major repair and reconstruction, and TDFs have been equipped with modern video surveillance cameras.

D.Mijatovic expressed her gratitude for reception and detailed information and highly appreciated cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and noted that her main goal during the visit was to render comprehensive assistance in the field of providing human and civil rights and freedoms and to support this process. She expressed hope that the police will continue to actively participate in the democratic reforms carried out in our country at the initiative of the Council of Europe.

A number of other issues were also discussed during the sincere meeting, and the guests’ questions were answered in detail.

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