Development of the National Action Plan on Promotion of the Open Government discussed

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545cdaacef9f930A meeting of the Working Group on development of the draft of the new National Action Plan on Promotion of the Open Government was held at the State Migration Service on July 5. Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the AR State Migration Service, representative of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Open Government Partnership Initiative; representative of the Secretariat of the Commission on Combating Corruption; representatives of the state bodies; coordinator and members of the Azerbaijan Open Government Platform, as well as NGO representatives participated at the meeting.

Development of the draft National Action Plan on Promotion of the Open Government, involvement of all the stakeholders in this process, holding public discussions, hearings, public consultations and collection of proposals have been discussed at the meeting and participants exchanged their views.

During the meeting V.Huseynov noted that the AR Commission on Combating Corruption, which controls and coordinates implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP), has already had extensive experience in preparing the National Action Plans in cooperation with NGOs. Previous NAPs were developed with participation of the civil society and the majority of the proposals given were taken into consideration. The International Open Government Partnership Initiative (OGP) standards will be taken into account in development of the new NAP.

Alimammad Nuriyev, Coordinator, Azerbaijan Open Government Platform said that the Platform and the civil society is ready to actively participate in development of the new NAP. The first steps have already been taken and with initiative of the Platform, the Working Group, consisting of CSO representatives, has prepared a «Road Map» for development of the NAP in accordance with the OGP recommendations. Even further, the proposals on the structure and directions of the NAP have been submitted to the AR Commission on Combating Corruption.

66297641_444215299464044_8173976325166465024_nA.Nuriyev said that the issues of developing the NAP with participation of the state bodies and ensuring broad participation will be initially discussed at this meeting. Representatives of the civil society organizations who wish to participate in the process will attend the next sessions. The information regarding this has already been published on the webpage of the Platform and its accounts on the social network.

Nurlan Hasanov, representative of the Secretariat of the AR Commission on Combating Corruption, informed that 3 meetings were held on development of the new National Action Plan in 2018 and numerous proposals were made by the state agencies. Further discussions on these proposals will be held at the upcoming meetings. The Commission analyzes the experience of the previous NAP and studies practices of other countries and their NAPs developed within the Open Government Partnership Initiative. The Commission is ready to provide broad participation and information on its part.

During the discussions, A.Nuriyev; Samir Aliyev, OGP expert; Osman Gunduz, head of the Multimedia Center; representatives of the state bodies provided their proposals.

Meetings on development of the new National Action Plan are scheduled for 3 pm every Friday in July-August 2019 at the Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Information on the agenda and the outcomes of each meeting will be published on the website and on the social networks. The Open Government Platform invites all the stakeholders to actively participate in this process.

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