“Electronic court” information system was presented to the public

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w_1615566138082629948153_1000x669There was held public presentation on the theme of “Application and development perspectives of the electronic court in Azerbaijan” for civil society in Baku city, Sabunchu Court Complex by the organization of the Ministry of Justice on April 30.

The event was attended by the leadership of the ministry, officials of the Presidential Administration, deputies of the Milli Mejlis, judges, public prosecutors and advocates, public figures, members of the Public Committee at the Minister of Justice, representatives of other civil society, Mass Media leaders, bloggers, scientists and students.

Vice-minister of Justice Azar Jafarov made a speech in the opening and told about the reforms made in the judicial-legal system by the leadership of the President Mr. Ilham Aliyev, including the works carried out on application of the “Electronic court” information system for the purpose of simplification of citizens’ accessibility and appeals to the courts and international experience in this field.

It was informed that, “Electronic court” information system reflects about 130 million of news in detailed form, includes composite mechanisms and consists of many components. In order to ensure its performance, serious preparatory works and the availability of the scientific capacity is required. This is also a long process. The experience of other countries, especially those with achievements in the field of digitalization of justice, shows that the full application of this system takes 25-30 years.

Speaking about the various components of the “Electronic court” information system, the vice-minister said that the number of applications to this publicized system is approaching one million and half, as well as a number of countries like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, France, Indonesia, India and so on also appealed to this system.

It was also noted that, the Decree of the head of state “On deepening of the reforms in the judicial-legal system” on April 3, 2019, being a new stage in development of justice and judicial system, led to continuation of the reforms in accordance with modern challenges, as well as stipulated the completion of organizational works on application of electron court, increase of its functionality and propaganda of use of this system by the natural and legal persons.

Vice-minister emphasized the importance of this event from the point of view of notification of the public about its innovative opportunities and development perspectives.

Then, the leader of the Working Group on “Electron court” information system, the judge Ramin Gurbanov spoke with visual presentation about innovative opportunities of the system, the chief of the Information and

Communication Technologies Department Aghakarim Samadzada told about innovations applied in the field of justice, group leader on electron information of the General Department of Bailiffs Tural Mammadov told about automation of court decisions and chief consultant on information technologies, international expert Goran Edstrom spoke about information safety in justice infrastructure.

It was informed that, the Order of the head of state on February 13, 2014 opened large ways to the application of “Electronic court” information system and a number of works were realized by presence of foreign experts. At present the system, covering Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, is applied in majority of courts and executive organizations of the country.

The application of the electron court, covering the period from the time of arising of the right to appeal to the court till the completion of execution of court rulings, increases public confidence in the administration of justice, allows citizens, including entrepreneurs to appeal to the courts online more easily and conveniently, speeds up judicial review and prevents the procrastination cases.

Amendments were made to the Civil Procedural Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Law «About Courts and Judges» by the legislative initiative of the head of state in December of the last year and was passed to electronic consideration of economic disputes and completely regulated relations between the judge and the entrepreneur.

It is also possible through the «Electronic Personal Cabinet», which is one of the components of the electron court, to file lawsuits electronically, to monitor legal proceedings, to exchange electronic documents, to publish court decisions electronically, and to distribute cases electronically randomly and automatically among the judges.

It was brought into notice that, “Electronic execution” system was established and applied for the purpose of increase of efficacy of activity of executive bodies and provision of efficiency and transparency. The system makes electron record of the executive documents, causes establishment of non-documentary relations between the executive organizations and courts, realization of electron control over the cases, mutual exchange of data with the information systems of different state structures.

He also talked about the works done jointly with the World Bank in the direction of establishing modern judicial and justice electronic infrastructure, creating key and resource information centers and ensuring information security, taking into account progressive international standards. It was noted that, the only portable container-type data center applied by “Airbus” company in the world has been created in Azerbaijan for the electronic court system, which is based on the latest innovations of science and also allows for the safety and protection of data, being resistant to emergencies.

The attenders of the event were informed about the innovations applied in the field of justice, including the “Electronic court” information system simplifying the registration of notarial acts, electron justice kiosk for rendering distant notarial services, special mobile bag of the notaries, mobile notary software and other innovations.

Then a question and answer session was held, and participants exchanged the views. The chairman of the Bar Association Anar Baghirov, deputy Fazil Mustafa, Director of the “Multimedia” Information Systems Technologies Centre, the president of Azerbaijan Internet Forum Osman Gunduz, vice-chairman of the Press Council Umud Mirzayev, the representatives of civil society Rauf Zeyni, Mirvari Gahramanli, Novella Jafaroghlu, Alimammad Nuriyev and others spoke at the event and appreciated the measures held by the Ministry of Justice, emphasized the importance of presentation of these innovations to the public and noted the support of mass media and civil society in this work.

The speakers shared their ideas on strengthening of judges’ and advocates’ independence, intensifying of their social protection, increase of public belief to the courts, provision of fairness and execution of court decisions, deriving benefit from applied electron systems by the citizens, enlargement of integration to information systems by the other state authorities, and made offers on development perspectives of electron court system.

The public presentation was met by the participants with great interest and the questions were answered in detail.

Source: The Website of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic: http://www.justice.gov.az/news/1343

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