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10517245_915434681810708_5534030727667097040_oTransparency Azerbaijan, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), organized a seminar to discuss Electronic Services: New Government-Citizen Communication Platform. The event was the latest in a series within the Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency Project designed to increase transparency and accountability in governance among youth. The aim of the seminar was to provide the information to the youth about the e-services that will be interesting and educate them on basic knowledge and guidelines on the topic. Speaking at the event, Mahammad Muradov, the expert of Transparency Azerbaijan on the Electronic Government and Services, delivered a lecture on the topic of electronic government and services provided by the various entities of the government.

Youth and students from different universities, including Khazar University, Baku State University, Azerbaijan Technical University and Qafqaz University attended the event, which centered on forming the electronic government as state policy in the world, its impacts on the relationship between government and citizens, as well as positive outcomes to the citizens. The youth was informed about the successes and problems of the implementation of e-government by the governmental entities in Azerbaijan and vital works to improve the efficiency of the system. Furthermore, information about e-services, techniques how to use them, the developments in the field, as well as the importance of development of the content of electronic service were at the heart of these discussions.

Second part of the event was devoted to interactive brainstorming discussion among the students, and at the end the expert answered all the questions of the students. Young people emphasized the importance of broadening the scope of the electronic services in the government. They praised the event and mentioned that such kind of events on this topic should be continued to educate the youth in this field in the future.

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