Monitoring results of the “The National Action Plan for 2012-2015 on combating corruption”

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logo for web“Transparency Azerbaijan” – national chapter of “Transparency International”, with financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with Constitution Research Fund presented third Report on the monitoring of the “The National Action Plan for 2012-2015 on combating corruption” (NAP) in the framework of “Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency” project on August 8, 2016.

Alimammad Nuriyev, president of “Constitution” Research Fund made opening of the event and provided information on monitoring process. Rana Safaraliyeva, executive director of “Transparency Azerbaijan” informed participants on work done in the framework of the “Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency” project and shared her thoughts on monitoring of NAP.

According to the results of the monitoring for 3 years and 4 months, the average implementation rate of NAP is 83%.

The National Action Plan is comprised of actions reflected in 125 items and to be implemented by the state bodies, committees, municipalities, state-owned companies and other stakeholders. The actions are grouped in 28 areas. The activities in NAP had to be completed by the end of 2015.

The best results have been achieved on “Development of international cooperation in the fight against corruption”, “Improving and enhancing the professionalism of civil servants”, “Improvement of legislation in the field of criminal prosecution,”  “Increasing transparency in state registration of real estate”, “Ethical behaviours improvement”.

Progress is notes in the provision of license and authorization and certification, enforcement of mechanism in the field of social protection, improvement of the enabling environment for entrepreneurship, enlarging of electronic services, improvement of the civil service legislation and institutional mechanisms.

The implementation has been fully completed for 79 of the 125 events of the plan. 38 of the events have been completed by 50 per cent or above. For 7 actions of the plan, the progress has not been reached by 50 per cent.

Monitoring process shows that state bodies show positive dynamics in implementation of actions devoted to them by NAP.  For the implementation of the NAP, 18 draft laws were prepared, one code was developed, 2 concepts, 4 new draft rules concerning the regulation of different areas were developed, and 7 new rules were approved.

Lack of actions towards introduction of the mandatory medical insurance, delay in adopting the law “On Conflict of Interest” and delay in approving of “Competition Law” create obstacles in effective implementation of anti-corruption policy. Also, the lack of mechanism for the submission of financial information by officials has to be highlighted as a problem in execution of NAP.

Problems with accountability of state agencies, creation of effective control mechanism for efficient use of budget funds remain. Although assessment of the impact of legal regulation, anti-corruption examination of legal acts, rules of application of criminal-legal measures to legal entities, draft law on protection of whistleblowers of corruption cases, drafts of normative acts which regulate activities of physical and legal persons who provides intermediary services on purchase and sale of real estate, as well as recommendations for limitation of corruption-related immunity of judges have been prepared, there are delays in approval and implementation process.

For more information please contact Zaur Ibrahimli, expert at “Constitution” ResearchFund.Phone: (+994 70) 6099302; (+99412) 4925726, E-mail: [email protected]

The presentation is organized in the framework of “Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency” (APT) project implemented by “Transparency Azerbaijan” Public Union with financial support of the USAID.

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