“Transparency International” announces Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI 2021) for 2021

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Transparency Azerbaijan, a national chapter of Transparency International in Azerbaijan, presents the Corruption Perceptions Index  2021 for 2021.


The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) prepared by Transparency International   ranks countries based on the degree of perception of corruption in the public sector. The Index is prepared on the basis of various surveys and assessments conducted by a number of influential international institutions.   The CPI is an assessment of perceptions of corruption in the public sector.


The rating is prepared according to a rating scale of 0-100 points, where 100 points stands for  very clean, and 0 points indicates a very high level of perceived corruption.

In 2021, Azerbaijan ranks 128th out of 180 countries  surveyed  in the CPI with 30 points. In 2020, Azerbaijan ranked 129th out of 180 countries with 30 points. According to the results of 2021, Azerbaijan has advanced one step up.

Over the past 5 years, Azerbaijan’s indicators have been as follows: 

Year CPI points Place in global ranking Number of countries surveyed  in the CPI
2021 30 128 180
2020 30 129 180
2019 30 126 180
2018 25 152 180


If we look at the 2021 Index as compared to the 2020 Index we will see that:


— Belarus fell 19 places to 82nd place with 41 points,

— Kazakhstan fell 8 places to 102nd place with 37 points,

— Kyrgyzstan fell 20 places to 144th place with 27 points,

— Moldova moved up 10 places to 105th place with 36 points,

— Uzbekistan moved up 6 places to 140th place with 28 points,

— Russia fell 7 places to 136th place with 29 points,

— Tajikistan fell one place to 150th place with 25 points,

— Georgia fell one point to 45th place with 55 points,

— Turkmenistan fell 4 places to 169th place with 19 points.


A total of 13 different reports were used in the preparation of the overall CPI. These reports assess the position of countries on a number of political, economic and social criteria that affect the effectiveness of their anti-corruption policiesy. Information about Azerbaijan was prepared on the basis of 7 different sources. The value of 5 out of 7 sources remained unchanged since the previous year. According to one source, the 12 points given to Azerbaijan in 2020 on the «Diversity of Democratic Projects were reduced to 11 points in 2021. On the other side, the World Economic Forum increased its score by 69 points in 2020 up to  74 points.  A complete list of sources can be found in the «Questions and Answers» document attached hereto.


Transparency Azerbaijan  calls for more measures to be taken by the govenrment  to  expand and deepen reforms in the areas of democratic governance and the rule of law, implement more effective anti-corruption measures in high-risk areas, create  a favorable environment for civil society, and hold government agencies and public companies responsible for failure to enhance  transparency and accountability.

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