ALAC Project

Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (ALAC)

Since April 1st, 2005 Azerbaijan chapter of the Transparency International, first among the CIS countries, is implementing a new project — ALAC (Advocacy and Legal Advice Center), with head office in Baku and a regional center in Ganja. As of July 1 regional center in Lenkoran is available to citizens. Another center in Guba is open as of August 1 with funding from OSCE. Sheki center also serve the citizens since 1st of February.

Citizens can access the centers through telephone numbers:

Toll Free Baku 088 707 07 07 or 4 97 68 15
Toll Free Ganja 088 202 02 02 or (22) 56 55 97
Toll Free Lenkoran 088 303 03 03 or (171) 5 17 25
Toll Free Guba 088 404 04 04 or (169) 5 14 91
Toll Free Sheki 088 505 05 05 or (177) 4 26 55

The Project is being implemented under the grant extended by the American Bar Association Central Europe and Eurasia Law Initiative (ABA CEELI), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) office in Baku and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK. ALAC project is being successfully implemented in the several Central and Eastern European countries — candidates to EU membership, where it plays an active role and accelerates the combat against corruption of the states and ensures citizens’ participation in this process. The goal of the ALAC project is «To provide citizens with the means to become actively involved in the fight against corruption in their societies.» ALAC Project Mandate is to assist and give advice to the citizens — victims and witnesses of corruption. The project activities focus on the administrative and legal complaining procedures, as well as monitoring of the mechanisms of corruption from the point of view of the cases raised by citizens. However, we do not represent clients in courts.

The project has five main pillars:

• Legal advice
• Education and information
• Advocacy
• Capacity Building
• Public outreach campaign through mobile trainings and seminars

Legal Advice

From the perspective of a victim or a witness to an act of corruption, legal advice is the activity by which he/she is given help on how to use efficiently the legal procedures of complaint regarding corruption.

Education and information

The anti-corruption education activity refers to the efforts through which the ALAC team in cooperation with media and educational partners educates population.


Advocacy builds upon the results of both legal advice and education/information activities, in order to influence national policies, anti-corruption legislation and institutional practices towards a more efficient discouragement, prevention and punishment of acts of corruption.

Capacity Building

Project team supports public authorities in their efforts to establish and operate anti-corruption hotlines, working groups and etc.

Public outreach campaign through mobile trainings and seminars

Project team with the support of center’s volunteers runs anti-corruption mobile workshops for various targeted groups with a special focus on rural population and provides onsite free legal advice.

For more information please contact us:

Jafar Jabbarli str.16, apt.7 (near Nizami metro station)
Contact numbers: (994 12) 418-11-09 or 497 68 15
E-mail: info©

This project was implemented by Transparency International under support of USAID office in Baku. The project expired on 30 June 2012

For more details see Annual Reports

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