LRC Project

Rule of Law Legal Resource Center (LRC)

The Legal Resource Center (LRC) was built on the basis of Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (ALAC) of Transparency Azerbaijan — a national chapter of Transparency International, which runs five such centers all over the country. ALAC centres has been providingvictims of corruption with practical assistance to pursue complaints and redress their grievances with public agencies. However, centers were unable to take up cases beyond perceived corrupt acts by officials (ex., business or labor disputes), nor could it represent clients in courts. Hence, TI Az was looking for opportunities to build on its experience and expand the scope of free legal services to the population. LRC project is designed to complement the services already provided by ALAC. The overall project goal — to strengthen the justice sector – envisions work with the relevant institutions, legislation and procedures, guaranteeing fair trial standards and access to justice for ordinary citizens. In order to attain the aspired overall project goal the following two objectiveswere pursued: Fostering effective implementation of the applicable legal framework in accordance with international standards; Building capacities of judiciary and legal professionals. The project aims have been achieved through organization of the respective two sets of activities, each consisting of several smaller tasks.    

Activity 1. Fostering effective implementation of the applicable framework was achieved through implementation of the following tasks:

  • Toll Free Hotline
  • Legal Advice
  • Litigation
  • Monitoring of court proceedings
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Future civil society leaders

Activity 2. Building capacities of judiciary and legal professionals was achieved through implementation of the following tasks:

  • Helping to expand the ranks of certified leg
  • al professionals
  • Enhancing quality of legal professionals
  • Capacity Building
  • Resource centre

This project was implemented by Transparency International under support of USAID and OSCE office in Baku.The project expired on 31 December 2013

For more details see Annual Reports

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