A staff member of Transparency Azerbaijan delivered training On corruption in the private sector

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1Transparency Azerbaijan Anti-corruption Public Union is happy to announce that our project coordinator Mahammad Muradov was invited as a trainer to the Anti-corruption Winter School organized jointly by Anti-corruption Academy (AZAKA) and Azerbaijan branch of European Legal Students Association (ELSA). The program took part in Gabala on 4-8 February 2017.

Mahammad Muradov delivered a training on corruption and anti-corruption activities in the Private Sector. He educated training participants on the reasons, threats and ways to combat corruption in the private sector, as well as covered business ethics, compliance with standards, corporative social responsibility. During the one day training program, Muradov split participants into groups and offered practical business cases with ethical dilemma for discussion.

Along with Mahammad Muradov representing Transparency Azerbaijan, other trainers included Vusal Huseynov, member of the Parliamentary Commission on Defense, Security and Combat against Corruption, Kamal Jafarov, secretary of the National Anti-corruption Commission, Elnur Musayev, Senior Prosecutor of the Anti-corruption Directorate under the Prosecutor General, Vugar Mammadov, staff member of the Milli Majlis Administration and Yalchin Rafiyev, member of the AZAKA Transition Group.

Mahammad Muradov, being a representative of Transparency Azerbaijan, also took part as a trainer in the Summer Anti-corruption School organized by ELSA and AZAKA last year. The involvement of professionals from specialized public agencies, international organizations and civil society in the field of combat against corruption is a good example of cooperation between state and non-state agencies.

It is worthy to note that the training was organized with the financial support from the National Council of Support to NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. The 30 participants were selected from among more than 500 applicants. Overall, the Winter School

familiarized participants with the notion of corruption, its forms, reasons, threats for the society, legal tools to prevent corruption, preventive mechanisms, corruption in the private sector and criminological aspects of corruption.

The training materials by Transparency Azerbaijan are prepared in the framework of the “Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency” (APT) Project and with financial support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Business Ethics Manual funded by the Norwegian Embassy.

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