GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY DISCUSSED Problems in social security and pension provision

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imageTransparency Azerbaijan, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), organized a roundtable to discuss problems in the areas of social security and pension provision and ways to solve them. The roundtable is the latest in a series within the Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency (APT) project designed to facilitate dialogue between the government institutions and NGOs with the aim of increasing transparency and accountability of government institutions and processes.
TA Executive Director Rena Safaraliyeva made the opening speech in the roundtable attended by representatives from State Social Protection Fund, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, Anti-Corruption Department under the Office of Prosecutor General, Civil Service Commission under the President, Ministry of Economy and other state agencies, as well as members of Azerbaijan’s civil society. She noted that in connection with recent currency devaluations, the welfare of the population has deteriorated and new problems have arisen. She added that to tackle these problems, it was important for state bodies to take steps in social sphere, including in the areas such as pension provision and social security.
Nurana Safarova, senior consultant-lawyer at Department of Law and Strategic Studies of State Social Protection Fund, delivered an address about the progress made in enhancing the laws dealing with transparency of the Fund’s services. Later Farid Garayev, head of sector at Department of International Relations of the Fund spoke about the Fund’s administration of pension system in accordance with international convention, as well as the funded part of labor pensions. Eyvaz Ismayilov, head of sector on pensions and allowances at the Fund, answered the questions from the audience.
Aytan Alizamanli, lawyer at Transparency Azerbaijan and expert Emin Sattarov, discussed the existing legal and social problems relevant to social security and pension provision and the ways to address them. She presented to the participants the recommendations on eligibility criteria for social benefits and pensions, such as their calculation, transparency of benefits’ assignment and their payment and so on.
Mahammad Muradov, representative of Transparency Azerbaijan informed the audience about the status of e-services provided within the boundaries of the Fund’s competences, and presented his recommendations for introducing new e-services.
TA’s written recommendations along with remarks from civil society organizations were delivered to the respective public agencies.

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