“Transparency Azerbaijan» prepared proposals to the new draft law on procurement.

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«Transparency Azerbaijan» Fight Against Corruption PU evaluates the adoption of a new law that will regulate public procurements with a high risk of corruption as a progressive step. In 2017 and 2020, «Transparency Azerbaijan» conducted research and submitted proposals to the government regarding more effective fight against corruption, increasing transparency and accountability in the field of public procurement. «Transparency Azerbaijan» experts have also defended the approach of adopting a new law that will regulate public procurement from 2020.

In 2020, a Research Report was prepared by «Transparency Azerbaijan» based on the analysis of international experience and the monitoring of the Unified Electronic Portal of e-commerce in Azerbaijan. Research Report, analyzed deficiencies and gaps in the field of ensuring transparency and accountability in public procurement in the Republic of Azerbaijan, assessed the provisions that create the risk of corruption, leading to corrupt deals and making subjective decisions, and evaluated the effectiveness of transparency mechanisms.

The report also reflects proposals for improving the system of transparency in public procurement. These proposals remain relevant and their necessity becomes more apparent as time passes. Therefore, at the meeting of the Board of Directors of «Transparency Azerbaijan» on June 26, it was decided to submit the report and proposals to the Ministry of Economy and the Anti-Corruption Commission.

«Transparency Azerbaijan» calls for careful consideration of the proposals of the civil society and independent experts and to ensure broad participation in the discussions.

«Transparency Azerbaijan» has also decided once again to submit its proposals to the relevant state authorities, noting the need to improve the legislation regulating the activities of NGOs and to create a favorable environment.

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