«Transparency Azerbaijan» discussed the implementation of the National Action Plan and prepared proposals

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«Transparency Azerbaijan» Fight Against Corruption PU discussed the implementation of the National Action Plan for 2022─2026 on strengthening the fight against corruption. At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the organization held today, it was announced that one year of implementation of the «National Action Plan for 2022─2026 on strengthening the fight against corruption» is coming to an end. In this regard, «Transparency Azerbaijan» Anti-Corruption PU has prepared proposals. The draft proposal was previously submitted to the BD by the Executive Director.

BD Chairman H. Hasanov noted that the implementation of actions on 8 items in the Action Plan is planned to be completed in 2023. Preliminary analyzes show that two of the measures have been implemented partially, 1 measure has been fully implemented, and 5 measures have been implemented by 70%. In particular, increasing the number of courts connected to the «Electronic court» information system increased to 89, which is 77% of all courts, can be marked as progress. The issues that stand out are the delays in the implementation of the actions that are supposed to be completed in 2022 and 2023.

Executive director Alimammad Nuriyev noted that the main actions will start in 2023 and the implementation of most actions should be completed in 2024-2025. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind the implementation of the Action Plan.

Proposals submitted by A. Nuriyev regarding the implementation of the National Action Plan were accepted.

Proposals can be accessed from link

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